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Go Fishing Dubai 5 hours Trolling & Regular Fishing

At Go Fishing we are passionate about what we do and the positive experience of our visitors.

The 5 hours, trolling and regular fishing. This package consists of a mix of trolling and regular fishing.

Trolling is a method of fishing where lures are dropped at the back of the boat with the boat constantly moving at a slow speed, this method is used to catch medium to big pelagic fish in Dubai waters i.e. Barracuda, King Barracudas, Grouper, Kingfish, Cobia, Queenfish, & Trivially.

The regular fishing portion of the trip is with light tackle and everyone gets a rod, we are catching small to medium size fish in this portion of the session. Some of the fish you can expect to catch on the regular fishing portion of the trip are Emperor, Trivially, Catfish, Small Barracuda, Grouper, Sea Bream, Small Sharks (only during summer). Maximum 5 passengers including children.