Sub Marine

Sub marine Take trip on the submarine which is air-conditioned for your comfort. Cruising in red sea and exploring the
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Dolphin Trip We invite all the family to come and have fun with the most beautiful smart dolphins in Sinai

Dinner Cruise

Dinner cruise   Start from 4:00 pm till 10:00 pm pickup you from the hotel by bus to the port


Submarine trip in hurghada OVERVIEW Enjoy the most beautiful trips of Hurghada on the Sea Scoop submarine, where you take

Panorama Submarine

Panorama submarine trip in hurghada OVERVIEW Enjoy the trip that takes you to another underwater world for 3 hours on

Sindbad Submarine

The Sindbad Cruise in Hurghada is a unique journey in all of Egypt. It is the only one that dips

Dolphin Show

Dolphin show in Hurghada OVERVIEW When in Hurghada you have to enjoyed dolphin show its one of a mazing trips

Grand Aquarium

Grand aquarium in hurghada   OVERVIEW The Grand Aquarium is designed in Hurghada, as it is a wonderful, exciting and